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Fox of all Trades, Master of None.

Computer says Noiooooo

Bennet the Blue Fox
10 July 1974
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Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life

This is the place where I'm supposed to say things about myself. There is a flaw in that logic. When one says things about oneself, they tend to sound conceited and narcissistic. Although I can act like that, I am normally neither any of the aforementioned terms.

Some things that do bother me though are spelling and grammar errors.

Just because I mention 'furry' in my interests and livejournal does NOT mean that I am one of those 'furries' who goes out in the woods, eats berries, digs holes, and lives there. (Click here to see a video)


I am also not emo. I do know how to be emo, but I am normally not emo. (Click here to see a video)

If I had to pick an emo personality, I am the Green Chronic Stoner Emo Ranger. (Click here to see a video)

After having a Livejournal for a number of years and taking all kinds of interesting memes and quizzes in the meantime sure does build you up with one hellova impressive list as to what you are and are not. Here's mine:

Physical Description: Bennet is a 5'11" tall blue and white anthropormorphic fox. He is mostly blue with white markings starting from his knees working up through his stomach across his chest over his muzzle and finally coming to a point above and between his bright flourescent green eyes. The insides of his ears are accented with white fur as well and the tip of his tail is white. In the left ear are two 0-guage circular barbells, and a single 0-guage circular barbell in his right ear. Bennet has a pretty normal sized body with some muscle definition on his chest, stomach, and arms. Pierced nipples with 8 guage circular barbells complete the look.