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Cats and chomps

(09:46:07 PM) Bennet Fox: It's so funny to hear a cat eat a cheese puff!
(09:46:33 PM) Lapin: ... How does that work?
(09:47:04 PM) Bennet Fox: I just fed my friend's cat a cheese puff and he liked it!
(09:47:14 PM) Bennet Fox: It was funny to hear him go crunch crunch crunch!
(09:47:32 PM) Lapin: HAHA! XD
(09:48:00 PM) Bennet Fox: I gotta put that in LJ
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LJ Absenceness and Eff-Chee

I've been absent from LJ for awhile because my account has expired and I can't post via email anymore until I get it renewed. That'll happen soon because I miss a lot of the features of a paid account.

I also went to FC this past weekend! I had a HELLOVA time and am looking forward to it next year! A little over 2600 in attendance and a little under 700 fursuits! Soon FC's gonna surpass AC in everything! I hope we blow AC's fuckin' doors off!

I'm so hoarse too. As I siad, 2600 critters and I swear I talked to about 1600 of them!

I didn't have Finster with me but I got to suit in Reddie's suit, Sago! He's an african wild dog and I had a lot of fun with him! Especially while visiting Thizzneyland!

I saw sooo many critters that I haven't seen in at least 3 years! I was so happy to see them all again even though I managed to miss a few of 'em (Al, Sabot, Rex, Loki, and a few others that escape me). I also did meet a bunch of kool kats too! Remmy's the man and SkullBuny is so awesome! You guys rock!

Five days of drunken and stoned bliss and I enjoyed every damn minute of it! The party floor was on the 19th floor and I was on the 18th floor so I didn't have far to crawl! The hotel floors are like a labyrinth and I kept waiting for David Bowie to pop out at any second!

My homie Dagz calls me up and says "guess which room I'm in?" Knowing Dagz, I said 420. He said nope and told me he was in room 404! I got all excited and said "You're in the room that is not found!" While trying to find the room that is not found, I ran into people in the halls looking for other rooms as well. They would ask me which room that I was looking for and I would respond with "the room that is not found!" Everyone that I ran across caught the reference and laughed their asses off! Rocko, Dagz, and I made a 404 - Not Found sign for the door and everyone I saw who saw it laughed or took pictures of it! It'll be showing up around the internets soon.

I had hella fun and if you didn't get to make it, I suggest you do so next year!
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Aww shit .....

My eljay has expired. Should I renew it?

I've been looking at the Google Blog (Blogger) but it's not as advanced as LJ. I don't think you can post via email, upload pictures thru email, etc.

So ... Should I renew? Yes or No.
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The other night when it snowed, it dropped about 3 inches on me. The FoxDen didn't fare to well. When I got in, I was greeted with a snapped pole.

This morning I ripped out a zipper.

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MurrMeet tonight was good! Lot of new faces tonight! We're starting to get a standing reservation at the Roxy. Soon we're gonna try to fill the restaurant!

After we sent the kids home, a few of us went to the bar next door. Tonic had a screwdriver, a shot of tequilia, and a shot of Goldschlagger! Way to go Tonic! You've got a few new chest hairs now! :)

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New Years

Happy New Year blah blah blah. Had fun blah blah blah. Phone got drowned in alcohol (thanks Treasure) blah blah blah. Back on the 8800 for awhile blah blah blah. First piece of drama of the year blah blah blah. Don't want to deal with it but I must blah blah blah. Things are good so far blah blah blah. Weather's been nice blah blah blah. Hope this year is a lot better than it's predecessor.

Blah blah blah.